About me

I completed my Master of Science degree in Computer Science at the University of Toronto as a member of the University of Toronto Robotics Institute. My researcher advisor was Prof. Florian Shkurti, who directs the Robot Vision & Learning Lab. I am fortunate to be a recipient of the 2021-22 Vector Scholarship in Artificial Intelligence and the Ontario Graduate Scholarship.

My research interests are in Machine Learning and Computer Vision, particularly in the areas of self-supervised learning, visual perception, and self-driving vehicles. My goal is to develop machine learning techniques that are less reliant on manually labeled datasets and are more adaptable to new environments which may arise in real-world applications.

I completed my B.A.Sc. in Engineering Science, Robotics at the University of Toronto, where I did my undergraduate thesis with Prof. Florian Shkurti on self-supervised representation learning for human action videos. I also did a full-year internship at Intel Corporation, where I developed optimization algorithms for the High Level Design FPGA Compiler.